Paws For Thought

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For cat lovers everywhere, this is a piece you must add to your collection! Peter takes up the story:

Here my cat has forgotten how many of his nine lives he has used up. I say nine, but in Germany, Italy, Greece and Brazil seven lives are the norm whilst Turkish and Arabic cats only get six!

Whilst carving this piece I enjoyed discovering yet more new cat-related facts so carved into the piece are a few of them. Kaltenstoet is a cat festival in Ypres, Belgium, where cats were once thrown from the belfry. Luckily only toy cats suffer the same fate these days.

Maneki-Neko (Beckoning Cat) is the name of the lucky charm cat, based on a Calico Japanese Bobtail, with the raised paw which graces many Chinese restaurants in the UK.

‘The Cat’s 9 Lives Song’ is something you must look up on YouTube. It will make you smile!

Carving date: January 2016

Release date: March 2016

Edition Size: Open edition

Launch price: £47 / $75

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