Major Tom V1

£19.95 inc. VAT


Meet Major Tom! He goes along with Peeping Tom (based on See No Evil) and comes from Peter’s idea to take each of the characters from our Feline Evil treasure jest piece and study them separately.

He is based on Hear No Evil and has his headphones on and his music player in his hand. We have named him Major Tom from the famous David Bowie song. We figured he could be listening to Bowie on his headphones!

We are casting two variations of this piece. V1 (this one) will have the red headphones as shown in the picture and will be an open edition. V2 will have green headphones (as that is Peter’s favourite colour!) and will be a fixed edition size of 200. Click on V2 on our website to find out details.

Carving date: January 2014

Release date: 7 March 2014

Edition size: Open Edition

Launch price: £19.95 incl VAT ($32)

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