Texas Speed Bump

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Texas Speed Bump was carved after I saw a cute picture of a curled up Three-Banded Armadillo and decided it would make a great box figurine.

The name for this piece comes from its habit of becoming ‘road kill’. Its survival on the roads is not helped by its habit of jumping three or four feet straight up when startled. VTO carved on the lid stands for Vertical Take Off.

Some types of armadillo give birth to identical quadruplets, hence Quads on the lid – they all look the same to me!

A few armadillos make music too – the ones which have their shells made into a charango (Andean guitar) that is. Charango is also on the lid.

Besides Texas (or Hillbilly) Speed Bump, the armadillo has also been known as the Hoover Hog from the Great Depression when food was scarce during President Hoover’s office and armadillos made it on to the menu.

A Tiny Treasure armadillo is included inside this piece.

Carving date: November 2013

Release date: 29 November 2013

Edition size: Open Edition

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