Peeping Tom

£19.95 inc. VAT


An open edition of our event piece which was available to attendees of our HK UK first birthday event in October 2013, this version of Peeping Tom is painted as a ginger tom cat.

Peter decided to try something a little different to create Peeping Tom. You may recognise him as one of the cats from our Feline Evil piece where Tom is the See No Evil cat.

Pete took his original carving and cut Tom off the side. Then he worked on the little cat, carving and perfecting – and here is Peeping Tom! He is approximately 2″ tall and is a beautiful and affordable gift for any cat lover as well as a desirable collectible.

Carving Date: October 2013

Release date: 27 October 2013

Edition Size: Open Edition

Launch Price: £19.95 incl VAT ($32)

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