Road Hog

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As a youngster, Pete enjoyed feeding the hedgehogs in his garden – often 5 or 6 at a time.

Sadly, despite having plenty of outside space at home now, along with ideal hibernating places, no hedgehogs have been spotted for about five years. On further investigation Pete learnt that an estimated population of 30 million  in the 1950s is now down to about 1 million due to road accidents and loss of habitat. A sad situation for our lovely little hogs.

It was this demise which inspired his latest carving and also the thought that really it needed to be a Black Box. People are sadly more likely to see a flat, dead hedgehog at the side of the road these days. My understandably angry hedgehog lets the driver know exactly how he feels at being squished. A slightly less polite version will be available to Harmony Kingdom 2019 club members only.

Inside this cute piece is hidden a tiny car driven by an equally tiny hedgehog – maybe getting his own back!

Carving date: November 2019

Release date: January 2020

Edition Size: 500

Launch price: £47 / $75

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