New Teeth

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What would a beaver do to make his life a little easier – buy a chain saw of course!

This little beauty is something Peter has been wanting to carve for a while. It is full of hidden secrets and stories, all told on the story card inside each piece. In fact even the story card has a story!

We were discussing the name for this piece – Peter came up with New Teeth relating to the teeth on the chain saw replacing the beaver’s infamous chewing teeth. Inside are some spare toes in case he accidentally chops his own off so I called it New Toes. It was only when we had the story cards printed that I realised I had given the printers New Toes instead of New Teeth!

This is a fixed edition of 300 so order quickly – but there is a twist – 250 pieces have the little grub poking his head out of the tree stump – 50 pieces have no grub.

#beaver #critter #newteeth

Carving date: February 2019

Release date: 24 March 2019

Edition size: Fixed edition of 300 (250 with a grub on stump, 50 without grub)

Launch price: £47 / $75

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