Black Lot

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This piece is a brilliant representation of things which Peter finds upsetting or questionable and it is the moral dilemma of shooting Black Rhino as a conservation measure which inspired this piece.

How do you save the endangered Black Rhino? Shoot them? Apparently so.

I was inspired to carve this piece after reading the Namibian government issues up to five permits per year which are auctioned to the highest bidder to kill this magnificent animal. This way Namibia gets a lot of money to combat poaching and rich, morally-poor hunters can convince themselves the rhino’s welfare is uppermost in their thoughts rather than boasting a new addition to their ‘trophy’ room.

Dallas Safari Club member Corey Knowlton who bid $350,000 to kill his rhino threw his toys out of the pram when Delta Airlines refused to carry his ‘trophy’ Black Rhino head back to the US and is now suing the airline. Good luck Delta.

In my opinion, it doesn’t say much for the human race if this is our best solution to conservation.

#conservation; #blackrhino, #endangered

This is a slightly smaller piece than our usual Treasure Jest range and has no carving inside, reflected in the slightly lower price.

Carving date: January 2016

Release date: March 2016

Edition size: Open edition

Launch price: £40 ($65)

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