Sick Bay

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Living in the North Pole, Santa is well aware of global warming and wants to increase his ‘green’ credentials.

Keen to reduce his air miles and prepare for rising sea levels, Santa had his elves build a rowing boat. Unfortunately, during sea trials, it appears the reindeer have not yet acquired their sea legs and are a bit green around the gills.

Inside are a pile of carrots – kindly donated by all the children during their deliveries, but not wanted by the rather seasick reindeer!

Man’s influence on the planet can also be seen in the plastic floating in the ocean. Santa’s day is about to get worse as his boat strikes an Iceberg (lettuce).

A perfect gift for Christmas or add to your collection of our very popular annual Santa pieces. #santa #Christmasgift #unusualgiftidea #oceanplastic #oceanpollution

Carving date: May 2019

Release date: July 2019

Edition size: Timed Edition

Launch price: £50 / $80

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