Jump For Joy

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Peter has carved two versions of “Jump for Joy”, his beautiful humpback whale box figurine.

He signed Version 1, which was created in a small edition of only 100 pieces for Hawaiian HK dealer Lahaina Scrimshaw. It has a very smooth finish as well as special inscriptions. “No fish” refers to the whales not feeding in the Hawaiian waters. “Na Kohola” is Hawaiian for humpback. HK Sales Director, Shirley Mullen, will be visiting Maui in January 2009 and will get to see the humpback whales that migrate to the warm breeding areas there; hence the inscription “Shirley” on the lid. The names of the ladies at Lahaina Scrimshaw – Cindy and Paula – are inscribed on the piece as well. Within this box figurine are a school of happy fish (they know they won’t be eaten)! “Au Au”, a deep channel off Maui that is favoured by the humpback, is written on the base. And lastly, Peter’s signature mouse is surrounded by bubbles, representing the way the whales sometimes feed by ‘bubble netting’ their prey.

The open edition version of “Jump for Joy” has a slight textured finish.“Kanaloa”, inscribed on the lid, refers to the god of ocean animals. The humpback’s Latin name, “Megaptera Novaeangliae” (meaning “long winged New Englander”) is also inscribed on the piece. The interior contains a drunken sailor in a dinghy. He has been swallowed by the whale, to make up for all the whaling over the years. A second mouse being “bubble netted” is included on this version.

Carving date: 2008
Release date: 27 October 2008
Edition size: Open
Price: £47 / $75

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