Road Hog (Rude Hog)

£47.00 inc. VAT


This is a very special version of our limited edition 2020 Black Box release Road Hog.

Remodelled especially for you, as club members, Pete has given this cute little piece a cheeky twist and rather than shaking his fist at the passing careless car driver, this angry little hedgehog is sticking his middle finger up to show his fury at being run over.

This piece was prompted by Pete’s constant search for hedgehogs in our garden. Whereas once these little pricklies were fairly easy to see in the evenings, now they are few and far between. Pete decided he was more likely to see one at the side of the road, having met with a sad end, than he was to see one snuffling around in a pile of leaves outside our home.

This Road Hog V2 is also painted a different colour to version and has a black rabbit Tiny Treasure inside. This is less random than it seems! During the carving of this piece, Pete spotted a wild black rabbit from his workshop window and has grown quite attached to his wild friend from afar!

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