Ed’s Safari

£35.00 inc. VAT


In this chaotic box figurine, a safari jeep lies trapped under the enormous bellies of elephants.

A turtle is flattened beneath one of the pachyderm’s feet. Vultures greedily leer over the carcass, waiting for the elephant to move his foot. A safari member has brought his golf clubs and is squashed between two of the enormous elephants. The mouse is peering out from among the elephants’ legs.

On the back of the safari bus is inscribed “49’S WIN,” referring to the San Francisco 49ers winning the Super Bowl that year. “The Big Day 30.9.95” is Peter and Andrea’s proposed wedding day.

There is no inner carving.

Hallmarks include PC and “95” on the rim, and an interior © and HBC logo.

Carving Date: 1995
Release Date: 1 March 1995
Edition Size: Open
Issue Price: £35.00 / $55

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