The cost of sending mail to the US is to set to rise dramatically from July 1, as the combination of COVID-19 international flight restrictions and changes in US policies on postal rates for incoming mail combine to create a worrying precedent for international mail.

Royal Mail in the UK is one of a number of international mail providers affected by the circumstances, with the price of sending International standard parcels to the US increasing by 49% on average, and the price of International signed and tracked parcels sent to the US increasing by an average of 38%.

Unfortunately, this impacts hugely on small businesses like ours who have lovely customers in the USA.

The result is shipping costs have increased exponentially. The mystery boxes, for example, cost over 100% more to ship than previously and the cost of shipping a single piece from the UK to the USA has increased from around £6 to £14.

As you can imagine, this is a big headache to a small business like ours where we try and help you out with the international cost of shipping. Since 2012, we have subsidised postage costs to enable us to continue to offer shipping to you at a good rate.

After much discussion  we will continue to do this but, unfortunately, we can’t subsidise the whole huge increase as you can imagine.

As a result, we will have to increase shipping costs on our website and also to dealers. We apologise hugely for this but we have been backed into a corner, along with other businesses, by this massive price hike.

We look forward to your continued support and if anything changes, we will, of course, reduce the shipping costs again immediately.

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