Morning all – heck of a storm last night so a little cooler today – phew! Work in the Kingdom has re-commenced!

We have had quite a few enquiries regarding Santa so I thought I would just post a quick update on all things Harmony Kingdom.

A big fat YES we are doing a 2020 annual Santa – breathe a sigh of relief! Did you know Santa is still our biggest selling piece every year! No surprise really!

COVID-19 has obviously had a huge impact on us this year and how our business has been able to function. We have worked hard to minimise this but casting and therefore pieces are coming out a little slower.

Santa has been carved (he is fantastic and I will see if Pete got any photos before he went off to casting). He is currently with Paul being cast as a solid before coming back to Pete to be made into a box to be cast properly. He is likely to be ready for purchase around the end of September.

In the meantime (yes we have managed to get a few things up our sleeve over these past few months. Nothing is too much trouble for you guys), we have ANOTHER RELEASE!

Remember we asked what colour you preferred on a group of Pangolins? … watch this space for a stunning new figurine to add to your collection in the next couple of weeks.

You will probably also have noticed we have not released a club kit for 2020. After much consideration during lockdown, we decided we just couldn’t feasibly get a piece cast and then a redemption piece too with furloughed people etc. So we took the difficult but sensible decision to concentrate on making some new general release pieces available rather than trying and possibly failing to produce a club kit too.

This will be back again in 2021 🥰

In the meantime, for those of you who are 2019 members and haven’t already done so – don’t forget to order RUDE HOG, your redemption piece. We have some pieces available and ready to come straight out to you.


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