So here it is in all its glory! Our beautiful pangolin piece – Blame Game. We hope you love it. It is soooo cute and brilliantly crafted, as always. It also has an added dimension…

And here is the extra excitement I have been jumping up and down about and wanting to shout about.

When Pete was carving this piece we happened to watch a documentary on TV about the work of Maria Diekmann in the conservation of many animals but specifically pangolins. Google her and her rescued pangolin Honey Bun. She is an inspirational lady.

So when this piece was ready, I emailed the charity she founded with photos of Blame Game and a little message. We decided we would love to donate a percentage of our profit from the sale of these little guys to REST Namibia – the charity founded by Maria to support and educate and ultimately help preserve endangered species, including pangolins. This is a cause very close to our hearts and preserving all wildlife is one of Pete’s passions.

We were thrilled to receive an email back almost immediately from Maria herself. She loves the pangolins (phew!) has looked at other pieces carved by Pete and is impressed with his work.

After a few more emails, we are now working with her and her social media team in a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ sort of small way which we are so excited about. It will hopefully introduce more people to Pete’s amazing, unique work and we can help publicise and support REST’s work too.

We will send Maria Blame Game (although she says the post system in Namibia is hit and miss so might be a while before it gets there!) and they are also going to have one to include in their forthcoming fund-raising auction. They will also include a link to our site on their shop are of their website.

So thank you so much for your constant support as collectors. And even better this time, by purchasing this piece you are helping save endangered species from possible extinction and persecution too.

REST has a Facebook page and also check out their website here

If you would like to order Blame Game, contact your regular HK dealer. They have all the details to order one for you. If you don’t have a dealer email us.


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