Hogs and Kisses

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What have you missed most during COVID? 

The thing which seems to have been missed most as we have all been forced to reassess our lives is spending time with people we love – friends and family. As we mark exactly a year since the first lock down in the UK, this beautiful piece seeks to epitomise what we have all spent 12 months missing – hugging our friends.

These little pigs were carved as COVID-19 still wreaked worldwide havoc and making us reassess our priorities. But as I write this, hope springs eternal and hopefully vaccinations will make seeing and hugging those we love possible again soon.

The lid lists more things I miss – golf (obviously!), Butty (Bach my ale of choice at our local pub, and coffee (shops and muffins). BC46K is something I missed rather than miss – buying Bitcoin 11 year ago! Chickens are on the model because in the UK, they have also been in lock down since December 14th 2020 due to an avian flu outbreak. Ella is our new border collie puppy (those of you who are long-standing collectors may remember our very special relationship with our first border collie Murphy many years ago), and Edward Hopper is an American artist who has caught my attention recently.

Pick up these little pigs, add them to your collection or gift them to someone to pass on a virtual hug until we can all enjoy the real thing once again.

Edition size: Fixed edition of 400 

Carving date: October 2020

Launch date: 28th March 2021

Launch price £50/$80

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