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What a year 2020 has been! Santa has taken on several of the hot issues this year!

Hazmat suits and PPE have replaced the traditional wardrobe as our 2020 Santa and Rudolph contemplate visiting millions of homes whilst socially distancing during a global pandemic.

Meanwhile, two creatures with battered reputations escape from a Wuhan market crate, wondering where they can find a good PR company.

With the US elections approaching, both DT and JB badges are on display. Inscriptions on this piece include Bart – our lovely but ageing border terrier. Popov-7, the German Sophia Popov won The Open at Royal Troon whilst ranked 304th in the world. And BM 1-0 PSG refers to the result of the Champions League football final between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain – usually a huge affair, but very low key this year.

Inside is a Tiny Treasure elf. This little guy has been taken up with more than a pandemic. He is taking the knee and has a sign on his back ‘BEM’ – black elves matter.

Edition Size – timed edition available to the end of March 2021
Carving Date: June 2020
Launch Date: October 2020
Launch Price: £55 / $80

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