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Welcome to our annual Santa 2017. The reindeer this year have convinced Santa he has to deliver presents even quicker to fight off new competition from Amazon Prime so they have talked him into being fired from a cannon – gullible or what?!

A snug fit in the cannon, Santa holds his breath as a reindeer lights the fuse. Mr Trump’s present appears to have been left behind in the rush to get going.

Secrets include a list of birds which I, as a bit of a bird watcher, have been enjoying as I carve in my new studio. Buzzards are nesting in the far oak tree; I am visited by a one-legged jackdaw I call Stumpy and just around the corner I have tawny owls nesting. I have carved tawny owl backwards as a mirror image because I set up a mirror at the bottom of the field opposite my shed so I could have a perfect view of the young owlets.

Inside this piece you will find a Tiny Treasure reindeer, complete with crash helmet. Maybe he is preparing to be fired out of the cannon with Santa.

#Santa #Christmas #circustricks #annualsanta

Carving date: May 2017

Release date: June 2017

Edition size: Timed Edition

Launch price: £47 / $75

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