We have decided to celebrate Pete’s amazing work and attention to detail with a regular ‘In focus’ piece each month.

If you order the ‘in focus’ piece during that month, you will receive 5% discount and free shipping. But remember this only applies during the month which it is featured so be quick to take advantage of adding another beautiful work of art to your collection!

So here he is In Focus for January 2020 – New Teeth.

The little beaver hard at work building his home. But what self respecting beaver wouldn’t choose to make his life a little easier by using a chain saw instead of his teeth? Inside are some spare toes and a first aid box in case he loses a few toes in the process!

Don’t forget this piece has a twist too – 250 of the 300 edition have a grub poking his head out of the tree stump, only 50 have no grub.

Order yours now and take advantage of the 5% discount and free shipping for January only by emailing info@harmonykingdom-UK.com, quoting JAN5.



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