Four Skins

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Don’t go by looks alone – this odd creature has an awful lot going for it.

Although not blessed with classic Hollywood good looks, the mole rat is an incredible creature – all but immune to cancer, incredibly long-lived (makes a mockery of the Gompertz law – a mathematical equation for ageing) and can survive on very little oxygen. No wonder it was Science Magazine Vertebrate of the Year 2013 – how many of us could boast that fact?!

On the lid you will spot several hidden secrets. 30 refers to the age which naked mole rats can achieve; No pain refers to the fact the naked mole rat has a missing receptor P which means it doesn’t feel pain; fox 3 refers to the three baby foxes I was watching play in our field whilst I was sitting in my workshop carving this piece and LC refers to ‘Least Concern’ which is where the naked mole rat is on the endangered species list.

Carving date: June 2018

Release date: July 2018

Edition size: Fixed edition of 500

Launch price: £47/$75

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