Jungle Hideaway

£47.00 inc. VAT


We are pleased to announce the 2018 Harmony Kingdom Collectors’ Club exclusive redemption piece.

Only available to 2018 club members, this piece is likely to be an edition size of just 120 so will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Pete took his inspiration for this piece from last year’s redemption piece, Hide and Squeak, but put a wilder twist on it. He wanted to do a study of leaves with their different shapes and textures. Hiding creatures in a mass of jungle themed undergrowth was the perfect way to do this.

Hidden inside the foliage you will find a toucan peeping out of the top, a jaguar or two and maybe even some pairs of eyes hidden deep in the darkest depths.

Make sure you add a note of your 2018 membership number with your order in the notes section when you make payment.

The beauty of this piece is the very well hidden box – admirers new to Pete’s work will have no clue the lid comes off!

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