Tail Wind

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Should a porcupine be out on an inflatable dinghy? Common sense says no – but fear of offending shouts ‘Go Ahead’. Inspired by ‘liberalism taken to the extreme’, I decided to turn off the BBC and dream up my own, off the wall version of what would be the most ridiculous thing to agree to. What else but a porcupine in a dinghy! These two spiky chaps are risking it, but possibly regretting their decision, considering the number of puncture repairs they are having to undertake. Watch out for the lamp fish carved into the interior – he has a familiar look about him.

The Wonder of the Seas, you may know, is the latest supersize cruise ship to set sail and ‘Ben’ is the name of an unusual friend who passed away whilst I was carving this. You may also wonder about the four little dots – so did I! I realised afterwards that I had put these on to add this year’s hallmarks – and then forgot! Age is catching up with my brain! Well, it adds another little twist to this piece.


Release date: August 2022

Edition size: Fixed edition of 500



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