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This brilliant hippopotamus Treasure Jest box figurine is the latest in the Black Box range, but first of all Peter would like to apologise to the collector who asked him not to do a black box about bodily functions!

This is based on the fact that hippos spend the majority of their day in water, only venturing out when it gets dark to feed. Of course, Peter’s warped mind took this to its logical (or illogical!) conclusion and realised that without portable bathrooms in the wild, the water must be one giant restroom for the hippos.

This box shows the embarrassment and shame of one hippo who attempted, and failed, to discreetly park his breakfast whilst chatting with his friends and their subsequent disgust!

You will also see a little duck around the back reading the Bathing Rules and being somewhat perplexed by the one stating ‘No Ducking’. There is also a pool membership card which has been ripped up.

Around the base you will see some secrets – Peter likes to discover new and weird words when he is researching his pieces and ‘retromingent’ is a fine example, meaning ‘to urinate backwards’. Examples include hippos (of course), camels and raccoons.

Another oddity which he discovered was that the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar introduced hippos to Columbia – you will find Escobar written on the box.

Donna was the oldest hippo in captivity who died in 2012 at the age of 60.

Hippos are notoriously dangerous but it is difficult to find exact figures for how many people have been killed by one. 2900 refers to the figure quoted in one report Peter discovered.

Log Fume features our new interior – two collectibles for the price of one – inside you will find a Tiny Treasure hippo which can be displayed as a piece in itself. This also means you can use your Black Box as a box to store small items of jewellery or similar.

Carving Date: July 2013

Release Date: August 12th 2013

Edition Size: 350

Launch Price: £47 incl VAT ($75)

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