Firkin Hell

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Reviewing the passing of time, it appears even the simplest of tasks seems to get harder, such as getting out of bed, putting on socks or remembering – well – anything really. This got me thinking about what is still easy. ‘Shooting fish in a barrel’ is supposedly the epitome of an easy task, not that I’ve ever tried of course! But a Treasure Jest had started to form in my mind and Firkin Hell was born.

However, as you will see, my fish are not to be used for target practise and are not to be messed with. Mine are armed to the teeth (well, lips) and are a pretty formidable force.

The name of this piece came to me when I was searching the internet for things relating to wooden barrels for inspiration. A firkin is ‘a small barrel formerly used for liquids, butter or fish’. Perfect!


This little fish piece contains a Tiny Treasure fish beautifully carved by Pete and also hand painted by him too. There are six carving variations of the Tiny Treasure which are packed randomly so once packed, even we don’t know which one is inside your piece! This is a lovely surprise for you to discover once it arrives with you. The interiors are as follows:

Fish wearing handcuffs
Fish wearing a hat
Fish wearing a tie
Fish with blue painted back fin and tail
Fish wearing a watch and a bracelet
Fish with orange eyebrows

Carving date February 2022

Release date: 15th April 2022

Edition size: 500


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